Terms & Conditions


We advise that you carefully read the terms of service before using our website. By using our website, you consent to have read the terms of service. The online store KLIM ADRIA, owned by the company CLUTCH DT, Naselje heroja Maroka 29, 8290 Sevnica, DŠ.: SI22751009, reserves all rights to change the terms of service. All changes to the terms of service are legally binding.


Product description

Our goal is to provide you as accurate product descriptions as possible, although we cannot guarantee that all content is accurate and error-free. If you order a product that does not comply with the description, you can return it to us in the original packaged condition.



All prices on the online store use the Euro currency and have VAT included in the price already, unless explicitly written otherwise. All prices on the online store are the prices of the products themselves and therefore do not include the costs of transportation. Prices are effective in the moment of placing an order and have no more validity after placing an order. While incredibly difficult to ensure the most accurate data points, it is still possible that pricing errors can occur. In the event of a price change happening during processing the order, KLIM ADRIA will notify the consumer regarding the error or will cancel the order and also notify the consumer.  

We are not responsible for any issues that can occur with currency exchanges or payments on the consumers side of the bank, as well as other issues that can occur when paying with different currencies, that is charged by your bank, if the Euro is not the default currency at your bank.


Sold out products

In some cases, we may not be able to send you the ordered products because they are sold out and we kindly ask you for your understanding. We are sure, that you will find a similar product on our online store.  


Placing an order

After placing an order, KLIM ADRIA treats it as irrevocable. The consumer has the right to cancel the order without additional obligation in the period from receiving the confirmation of the order until receiving the confirmation that the order is being processed.

The sale contract between the vendor and consumer is formed the moment the consumer confirms his order. From this point onward, all prices and other terms are fixed and are binding for the vendor and the consumer. The prices apply until they are changed, which can happen without notice. The consumer will be notified if the prices have been changed during the process. The vendor will try to ensure the lowest possible price or offer a possible solution, which will be mutually beneficial for both the consumer and the vendor. In the opposite event, KLIM ADRIA can use its right to step away from the sale contract and refund the consumer.


After placing an order

After placing an order, KLIM ADRIA will start with the activities within the shortest time possible. The user will receive a notification via e-mail, confirming that the order was placed.

KLIM ADRIA reserves the right to decline an order in the case, that the product is not available or if the listed price is wrong. KLIM ADRIA will notify the user within the shortest time possible.


Payment methods

The following payment methods are available in the online store:

  • Advance payment* (You will receive the receipt via e-mail), the date of payment is 5 days. After the date expires, KLIM ADRIA is no longer liable to hold any products that were ordered.
  • Payment with card goes through the payment system Braintree, which is the property of PayPal. Card information is not saved on the server of the company, meaning your safety is 100 % guaranteed. Braintree ensures the maximum possible safety of any transaction. Credit card authorization is done in real time with immediate data checking at banks. Card payment is possible with the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners, JCB and Maestro (If the consumers Maestro card allows this)
  • Payment with PayPal or payment with credit cards via PayPal which enables safe payment options with the credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and American Express). The consumer does not need to create his own PayPal account. The PayPal system is noted as one of the safest payment systems in the world.

*Only after receiving the payment the process will begin


Issuing a receipt

KLIM ADRIA will deliver a receipt of the products purchased via E-mail in a .pdf format. The receipt will show the prices and all costs added to the purchase as well as a notification about stepping away from the contract. It is the user’s duty to check weather all the information is correct before he confirms the order. KLIM ADRIA is not accountable for any problems, regarding payment methods, the consumer has after he has confirmed his order.